Study programmes for academic year 2019/2020

Art Education (Theory of Art Pedagogy and Art Production)

Faculty Faculty of Education
Form, type of study full-time, doctoral
Study single-major
Language of instruction English
Length of study (years) 4
Academic title Ph.D.
Estimation of admissions next year
Study guaranteed by

Programme description

In the scope of the Ph.D. study programme titled Specialisation in Pedagogy, the study field of Art Education (theory of art pedagogy and art production) provides students with lessons focused on the understanding of both historical contexts and contemporary theories of art pedagogy, visual culture and its position in the educational process. The field is also aimed at acquiring specialised competences necessary for research, critical and theoretical reflexion of the vast field of visual culture as well as for related pedagogical aspects and educational activities in art education. The field offers a balanced combination of disciplines that deal with art pedagogy, the theory, history and criticism of art, and the mediation of material cultural heritage. The emphasis is put on research activities of students and the development of their presentational and communicative skills, project cooperation as well as domestic and international specialised discourse. The theory of art production represents an independent research area of the field in relation to art pedagogy and the extensive area of art mediation and museum education.

Programme teaching goals

The preparation of researchers in theoretical research and specialised work in the following areas: pedagogical and research work at art education departments at universities; research, scientific, organisational and publication works at institutes specialising in art mediation and educational programmes for cultural heritage at both domestic and international level (culturological research into the perception and presentation of visual arts), and at institutes specialising in research into education and the theory of visual art and art production. The purpose of the Ph.D. studies in Art Education is to prepare students for their independent research work and its theoretical reflexion, and their completing of a professional qualification ensures their high prestige and competitiveness in the field of the theory of art pedagogy at both domestic and international level.