Study programmes for academic year 2019/2020

Algebra and Geometry

Faculty Faculty of Science
Form, type of study full-time, doctoral
Study single-major
Language of instruction English
Length of study (years) 4
Academic title Ph.D.
Estimation of admissions next year
Study guaranteed by Kühr Jan, doc. RNDr. Ph.D.

Programme description

Depending on the specialization in algebra or geometry, the study covers mathematical disciplines such as universal algebra, lattice theory, partially ordered groups, mathematical logic, topology, algebraic geometry, projective geometry, classical differential geometry, differentiable manifolds.

Requirements for admission

Master degree in mathematics. Entrance interview.

Programme teaching goals

The graduate obtains deep knowledge of selected areas of algebra and/or geometry and is prepared for independent research.

Graduates‘ profile

The graduate has deep knowledge of the field of his/her specialization, can conduct independent research and is qualified to work in academia.

Employability prospect

In academia, in research, development and innovations institutions.

Possible job positions

In academia, in research, development and innovations institutions.