Study programmes for academic year 2019/2020

Adapted Physical Activity

Faculty Faculty of Physical Culture
Form, type of study full-time, continuing master's
Study single-major
Language of instruction English
Length of study (years) 2
Academic title Mgr.
Estimation of admissions next year
Study guaranteed by Kudláček Martin, doc. Mgr. Ph.D.

Programme description

The applied field of study Adapted Physical Activity is focused on pregradual training of specialists in the field of education and management of physical activities in the facilities of interest education in the educational and social sphere. The elaborated program of the field of study respects the current needs of social practice in the Czech Republic and abroad. The needs in the Czech Republic are derived from the Long-term Plan of Education and Development of the Educational System in the Czech Republic and the National Plan to Support the Integration of Citizens with Disabilities. The field of study is in accordance with Act No. 563/2004 Coll. On pedagogical staff focused on the preparation of experts for the management and organization of school and out-of-school education of children and youth of intact population, minority groups and people with specific needs. Needs from a foreign perspective stem from the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and National Legislation of EU Member States and also in most non-EU countries guaranteeing the social integration of people with disabilities in the school environment, leisure activities and sport. In content and form, the post-graduate Master's degree course is designed to be in line with the conclusions of the Bologna Agreements. NMgr. The APA study builds on an accredited Bachelor's degree in Adapted Physical Activity and Bachelor's Degree in Adapted Physical Education and Leisure Pedagogy. The profiling of the graduate is given by special disciplines in the field of adapted physical activities and special pedagogy. The field of study allows two profiling (specializations / minors): (a) Active living, and (b) Sports educators. The modular layout of the study allows for mutual permeability with other Master's courses and modules in AJ (so far presented Physical Activity and Active Living).

Requirements for admission

The applicant must have completed a Bachelor's degree program in Physical Education and Sport or related programs.


In the admission procedure, the candidate submits the following study:

(A) a letter of motivation,

(B) a structured CV,

(C) two recommendations (previous studies, eg employer),

(D) the results of a standardized English language test (from certified centers),

(E) a translated and officially certified copy of a university diploma, including a transcript of records,

Graduates‘ profile

A) Leisure time specialist: Leisure time specialist is a highly qualified worker who provides general forms and methods of education and training in leisure time for children, young people or adults. Performs specific pedagogical examinations.

(B) Consultant of applied movement - special pedagogical center staff (schools and SPCs for pupils with special educational needs - especially visual impairment, physical disability, hearing impairment, behavioral disorders and mental disabilities). Job description according to 72/2005 Sb (SPC consultant, methods of prevention using specific means - physical activities in accordance with the standards

(C) Adult lifestyle management advice for people with disabilities - minor Active Living in the range of 20 ECTS.

(D) Teacher of adapted physical activities at special schools: Graduates of a specialization module focusing on sports pedagogy (20 in the range of 20 ECTS), which will deal with sport didactics in both school and out-of-school forms of gymnastics activities, will find application as teachers of adapted physical activities at special schools and, as the case may be, other pedagogical staff in the field of sports pedagogy in the school environment. Due to its content and level comparability with similar education in the EU countries, it is able to perform the relevant function anywhere abroad with the corresponding language skills.